Exhibit with Us

At MAJA MERCADO, we celebrate creativity in all its forms – from the stroke of an artist’s brush to the melody of a musician, the craft of an artisan, or the deliciously curated food stands. We provide a vibrant platform that champions innovation and collaboration, where your creations can shine and reach a diverse, enthusiastic audience.

Step into our creative network as an artist, DJ, or food stand owner. Bring your unique passion and skills to MAJA MERCADO. As an exhibitor, you’ll have opportunities to showcase your craft not just locally, but also on international stages. Everyone is invited to register for any event; simply click the button below to begin your journey with us.

“Your dedication and professionalism shine brightly; it’s a joy to collaborate with such a passionate team!”

— Florine, Studio Florine

Please note: Completing the registration expresses your interest, but final participation is determined through a careful curation process by our team to maintain the unique MAJA MERCADO essence.